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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Amanda Gorman, 21st Century Hope!

Future America, Amanda Gorman!

Hope has multiple names, many faces, dark and light angles. Layers of introspection, sublime understanding. Perplexing promise. America's future is in spectacularly brilliant hands if national poet laureate, Amanda Gorman, has anything to say about it. Offered an opportunity to direct us to what's the next proper move for best of humanity. I feel like new words need to be created so we can fully understand and express her inner peace, spirit and mind. I can't think of any so I resort to classic good words. Remarkable. Brilliant. Substantial. Beautiful. Twenty-two year old soothsayer. 

It always grates on me when large groups of people try to reduce individual human beings to random groupings by labeling them with easy-to-manage titles. Very offensive and completely counter-productive to independent analysis. Why can't everyone be happy to want other people to think and independently figure stuff out?

This younger woman gives me reason to believe people can be better. Do more. Above what we thought we could. Think deeper, more succinctly. Make more substantial, meaningful choices for persons besides yourself. 

Read her full poem here: Tomorrow's Promise.

You can also watch Ms. Gorman live present her inspiration here: