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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Superbowl 2019, Yay Or Neigh?

Breaking up is never easy, even when you know it's the right thing to do. Case in point, NFL football and me. Playoff season 2018-2019 marks the end of our forty-plus year love affair. I'm the dumper, Roger Goodell and his pious, arrogant, small group of followers exactly like him made my decision easy. Come Fall 2019 I'll be shifting my admiration and appreciation for the sport to college football. Bye, Bye Tom Brady Fan Club Founder and President.

Yes indeed! The only complication left for me tomorrow, and next year, and all the years after that is how do I still get to watch all those fun, creative Superbowl Ads (especially my favorite ones--anything with horses) while standing my ground? The answer easily came to me with the smallest bit of research. I felt this one link must be shared if you're in the same boat as me after watching that disgusting "no-call" referee blunder that caused the New Orleans Saints to lose their hard-earned and well-deserved spot in Superbowl LIII.

Truth. I'm disappointed that advertisers have chosen not to get involved in the controversy surrounding how the Patriots managed to weasel their way into yet another playoff they didn't deserve or earn. Advertisers have all the leverage and carry all the weight when it comes to any television programming making profits. Had they spent the last two weeks holding the NFL, its commissioner and subsequently, the team of officiating "experts" from the Saints Patriots game accountable, maybe I wouldn't be forced to choose college over professional sports in future seasons. Having said all of that, Budweiser always delivers with their heartfelt, innovative commercials featuring their famous Clydesdales. (I love those soft, fluffy, furry legs.)

Full disclosure--I've never lived in New Orleans and have no loyalty to anything Louisiana whatsoever. (GO Bears!!!) At least the 2019 Triple Crown stakes season is right around the corner. Yay, horses! It's alright. I'll keep it together. I always preferred animals to people anyway.

Long live awesome Superbowl Commercials! Roger Goodell, I hope your recently renewed five-year contract gets cancelled. You always were a bad boyfriend.