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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Can I Get Google Maps Sent to My Inbox Every Day, Please?

It's official: the individuals responsible for maintaining Google Maps are complete and utter geniuses. And they've worked hard this time to prove it.

First things, first. In spite of the fact that the above video makes it sound like this is an April Fool's JOKE, this IS NOT an April Fool's joke. You can really do this. (Didn't want you to be disappointed. I am not mean. Even on a national holiday that allows me to pretend I am. No way, no thank you.)

Gone are my days of griping at my monitor because I can't figure out how for the life of me to navigate ACROSS my map with my touchpad. I swear one day it's a single finger, the next, oh no, use two when I swish and swipe. But I digress, obviously, there's nothing genius about frustrating a busy woman when she's simply trying to get out the door and drive somewhere.

I do not know how, and I do not know why, but if you are a lover of that fabulous 1980's video game, Pac-Man, sit down, or at the least brace yourself against a tall, sturdy table or bookcase, because you are about to have your mind blown.

Play Pac-Man on Google Maps by clicking here.

You heard me correctly, you can now play that ridiculously fun game on your route on the Google Maps site/pages. Not all cities are available but don't fret. There's nothing like racing through Time's Square and eating ghosts in the middle of the night. The page even pops up arrows. That's your sole source for movement around the screen. I swear all I'm missing is my joystick to feel like I'm home again. Cookies to my right, milk to my left, my mom in the kitchen cheering me on in my efforts like she knows what the heck I'm doing, even though her back is turned to the TV. Eyes in the back of her head. I'm absolutely positive it's true and that that is where that phrase comes from.

Check out this Guardian article for a list of optimum cities to conquer on your path to world domination.

Have fun, good luck and remember, don't break your keyboard trying to get those arrows to turn where they don't seem to want to go. You can only push the buttons so hard before they'll pop out, jump up and smack you right in the face.

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