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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Vince Vaughn, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Don't look at me that way, Vince Vaughn! I was thirsty and you wouldn't stop yakking. 
I can not tell a lie. I know that statement is often followed by some scandalous, lascivious additional statement of elaborate proportions that is totally untrue. Thank goodness I'm not a politician or I'd probably combust into fiery flames the second those words escaped my mind. That's the good thing about simply being a fan of some funny man's work. Today, I'm talking VV.
VV, what's that, you ask? Admittedly, visually I agree it could look like a few different things when unleashed side by side without his full name attached.
Vince Vaughn! I'm not saying I'd want to play a game of hoops with him (the man's 6'5"!) but I sure wouldn't mind seeing bloopers or behind the scenes footage of the filming of his new movie, Unfinished Business, due out March 2015, courtesy of 20th Century Fox studios.
I'm also not saying 20th Century employs psychics or anything but I will admit that their new advertising campaign for this flik is genius. If you've ever longed to have daily routine or task type pictures that highlight this hysterical comedian, act fast. At this point, the stock images available for free online are allegedly available for only one week.

Here's a link to view or download the pics.
And a second link to alternate silliness.

Hope you have as much fun mangling them as I have. I suggest adding captions when you post your new photos to FB. Extend VV's silliness and some good mood vibes.

Thanks for the laughs, Vince Vaughn!
I don't often say this, but today, I'm oh-so-ever grateful for the internet. Otherwise, I never would've caught these photos.
And just for the record, the marketing folks at 20th Century definitely earned their paychecks on this project working their magic. I'm sold, I'll definitely see the film now. I might even make a game out of it. Every time VV makes a ridiculous face I'm inclined to think that could be a good opportunity to take a sip of wine. Heads up Austin...if you're looking for the perfect movie theatre to do both of these things check out, Moviehouse and Eatery at The Trails. Full bar, good food, recliner seats, love that place.
Vince Vaughn...funny man...Chicagoan...every day guy. What's not to love?