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Friday, January 3, 2014

Good Challenge, Bad Challenge

I challenge you to be DIFFERENT in 2014! Think for yourself and act on those thoughts. Behave according to the beliefs you decide for yourself are right-minded, kind, loving, uplifting and confidence-inducing. Ignore common policy and rituals touted as top-notch in pop culture.
Dig deep down into your mental and emotional core and test the limitations, boundaries, strengths and weaknesses which comprise you. Is what you find, who you want to be? Case in point:
Every day of 2013 was a nuclear-warhead launch test for me. Meaning...I pretended I held the security launch codes for every significant, potentially life-altering or profoundly impacting event, circumstance or situation important to me, personally. If I alone held access to the "launch codes" (secret solutions to all impervious, petulant, frivolous desires), then obviously, I alone could also, find and apply appropriate solutions to those nasty, irritating, bothersome issues.
I proved this to myself by first addressing my phone habits. How much did I use it? For what? Why? How did I feel at the end of the day after spending so much time with my phone? Answer? Not good. Wasteful. Like I was giving away too much control of how I spent my time, to other people. To things that weren't innately important to me. Like I was having longer, more involved or engaged conversations with the technology that's supposed to be supporting me. Supposed to be making my life easier. Streamline it. Improve it. Organize it. Not suck it up into its vortex and spit out some resemblance of it that I hardly recognize.
I set out on a mission to curb those dastardly phone habits. Whereas, before, my habits included email, surfing the net, GPS, Google keyword searching everything (just because I could, not because I actually cared about the discovered information), texting and obviously talking person to person, I downsized to strictly texting (very efficient) and occasional chatting. (Necessary to maintain personal relationships. People don't like it when you ignore them. Makes them feel zero amount special.) I did, consequently, end up emailing off of my laptop much more. I also, stopped answering the phone every time it rang or beeped. I let things go to VM and addressed the messages within a fair amount of time, as needed or wanted. But I wasn't owned by my phone and the outside world (world outside my head). I wasn't dominated by the demands other people tried to convince me were mine to manage when they were really theirs.
Don't get me wrong...I love my friends and family and think they are important and want them to know that I truly value them. But at some point, a girl has to ask herself, at what cost? How many sacrifices in the name of other people, are enough? Answer: Not to the extent of me losing my ability to decide how my life unfurls.
Allowing outside influences or forces to dictate how you spend your time, exert your energy and focus your attention, rather than you dictating these important daily interactions puts you in the passenger seat of your own vehicle. Clearly, you should always be the driver on the road to meet your own destiny. Don't short-change yourself. Be brave. Be bold. Be Diana Nyad brave-bold.
In the off-chance that your inside thoughts are now demanding you sling or hurl a "Technology-hater," label my way, I challenge you to first try and pare down some time-sucking circumstances in your own life. Watch the stress slide off your back and then, if you still feel compelled, call me, "crazy."
Technology should simplify and organize. A matter of convenience. Not overwhelm and completely alter your direction or path.
Take control of your year, one day at a time. Think for yourself. Act on the thoughts you personally determine sound fair and uplifting. Listen to other people and outside influences less and your own common sense, heart and intellectual clarifications more. Spend 2014 trying new things. Cultivating and nurturing new habits. If one year from now, you don't feel like you've made progress, return to your original way of doing stuff. The only down-side to trying a new way of living, is learning that you've realized a better way. A realization that never would've come, had you not stepped out of your original comfort zone in search of something different. Something original. Something fresh and unique as you, at your core.


  1. You're such a good writer. I'm forwarding this to my life coach. Love it.

    1. Thank you, Bonnie! You motivate me to want to be a better person with all your positiveness. I'm fortunate to call you friend.