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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nelson "Troublemaker" Mandela: July 1918-December 2013

Nelson Mandela's fight for equality exceeded race and sexual gender. At first glance, given his ethnic background, it would be easy to dismiss his efforts as particular to South Africans or individuals of African descent. But his passion for educating and empowering all girls transcended intimate personal experience.
Deservedly known as the father, mother and son of South Africa further underscores the significance of his importance to that particular region. But to neglect the authenticity of his far-reaching, world-wide embrace would diminish his legacy of profound humility, perpetual growth and forgiving compassion.
Mr. Mandela was a beloved, dedicated, hard-working man who allowed his own struggles to inform and dictate his public efforts, responsibilities, actions and life choices.
Upon his passing today, millions of people mourn, his family and friends grieve, and a nation reflects. On a personal note, his departure leaves me deeply saddened and wondering...how much hope has evaporated along with this beautiful man? And how does humanity sustain itself in the absence of its anchor?


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